Estudiamos al hombre cómo máquina para hacer mejores máquinas para los hombres: medición de la actividad física, robots entre personas, interacción hombre-máquina, inteligencia ambiental, locomoción bípeda, planificación y control del movimiento...
Robots among people
Robots entre Personas

Robots represent a landmark in systems integration, because motion in real-time demands to take into account simultaneously sensing, control and computing. And making robots to move among people requires to take into account factors related to how humans move, interact and pay attention when in motionWe are involved in mobile robot programming (see demos in the Trasgu projects page) and robotics sensors with this paradigm in mind.

KeywordsSensor Based Motion Planning & Execution, Machine Vision for Robots, Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance, Velocity Control, Localization, Mobile Robot Technology, Robot Sensors.

Topics / Líneas de trabajo:
Management of Limited Sensing Resources for Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robots / Evitación Local de Obstáculos en Tiempo Real con Recursos Sensoriales Limitados

Complete Algorithms for Robotic Sensor-Based Motion Planning based on Potential Fields / Algoritmos completos de Planificación Basada en Sensores mediante Funciones Potenciales

Dynamics in Real-Time Sensor-Based Motion Planning for Indoor Synchronous Mobile Robots / Efecto de la Dinámica en la Planificación del Movimiento Basada en Sensores.

Humanized computing
Inteligencia Ambiental

General automation will not happen until masive and integrated/low-cost sensing devices become available to system designers. Reasoning for sensor-based systems is more challenging than most computer reasoning because of the coupling between them and the physical world. We are concerned with the design of such reasoning algorithms, and its integration in sensor-based processes and machinery for the support of daily human activities. 

Skill Learning, Sensor Management, Sensor Integration, Action-Oriented Perception, Sensor-Based Intelligence.

Topics / Líneas de trabajo:
Ubiquous computing / Computación Ubícua e Inteligencia Ambiental

Localization in Sensor Networks / Localización en Redes de Sensores: redes de ultrasonidos, redes wifi 802.11

Ambulatory assesment
Monitorización móvil

Putting sensors and computers to work for daily-life effortless use: pedestrian navigation, personal health monitoring, human activity monitoring, sport training, wearable devices, new interfaces for ambient intelligence.. 

KeywordsSensor-Based Intelligence, Multiple-sensor systems, Skill Learning, Sensor Management, Sensor Integration, Action-Oriented Perception.

Topics / Líneas de trabajo:
Pedestrian Navigation Systems / Sistemas de Localización Personal